S p e e c h e s

Don’t leave your speeches until the last minute – make time to think them through!!  These are the traditional way of doing speeches at a wedding and the toasts below but many weddings now choose to do this different.

Father of the Bride OR Friend of the Family

  • Thank the guests for coming and sharing in the special day
  • Thank everyone who contributed to the cost of the wedding
  • Compliments and praises his daughter and welcomes her husband in to the family
  • Toasts the bride and groom


  • Thanks the father of the bride for his toast
  • Thank the guests for attending and for the gifts
  • Thanks both sets of parents
  • Compliments his bride
  • Thanks his best man
  • Thanks and toasts his bridesmaid

Best man/Groomsmen

  • Thanks the groom for his toast to the bridesmaids
  • Comment on the bride and particularly the groom
  • Reads any messages from absent friends
  • Toast the bride and groom


  • Thanks all her guests for coming
  • Thanks her parents and bridesmaids
  • Compliments the groom
  • Proposes a toast

Chief Bridesmaid ( not often done )

  • Thanks the Bride for her toast
  • Compliments the ushers
  • Proposes a toast


Other ideas

  1. Have an open mic for people to go up and say a little something about the bride and groom ( make sure you have one person overseeing this as it could go on for a while )
  2. Just have the groom and bride do a speech to each other and thank you to the bridal party and guests

When to do your speech at the Wedding

  1. After the Wedding Breakfast meal is the usual tradition for UK weddings
  2. Before the Wedding Breakfast could be an option too
  3. Or the Groom and Bride before the Wedding Breakfast and the rest afterwards ( so the Groom and Bride can eat something and all the nerves of this are all done! )

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