W e d d i n g G i f t s


At your wedding your guests will want to treat you to a gift, there are many ways that you can help in this if you want to make sure that you get want you both need either for your house, money or travellers cheques for your honeymoon.

  • Online Gift List 

An online gift list is to choose a preferred shop or department store to hold your wedding list. They can then deliver the list at your convenience without have to worry about so many gifts at your reception venue.

  • Your Personalised List 

With your wedding gift list you can make up your own list and distribute it to those who ask to see it. People can then buy it from where they feel comfortable rather than from one shop you designate.

  • Ask for Money 

There are many poems that you can find online asking people to give you money rather than a gift, here is one that I have used before at a wedding:-

As our wedding day draws near,

We hope our sentiment is clear.

We want you there as we are wed,

To witness our love as vows are said.

But as for gifts, please, please don’t try,

To find the ideal thing to buy.

We have no list of pots and pans,

Just hopes and dreams of honeymoon plans.

So if a gift is on your mind,

A contribution would be kind.

It would help us more than words can say,

To celebrate our special day.


  • Ask for Travellers Cheque 

If you are going abroad for your honeymoon asking for the foreign currency is a great way to determine that you have some spending money for your holiday together!

  • Ask for Donations

If you and your partner have everything that you want in your house, honeymoon and wish to donate your wedding gifts to a certain charity that you both hold together this is a great idea for your guest to get involved in a charity of your choice.  Having some information on the charity if a great idea to add to your order of service or invitations…


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