T y p e o f W e d d i n g


In England and Wales we have three choices:-

Church Service

If you regularly attend a local Church a beautiful moment of getting married in your home Church is one to think about it.  Generally if you have been in a Church a few years, then a lot of you friends and family will want to celebrate your day with you so having the ceremony in the Church will give this perfect opportunity.

Then there is the traditional Churches that you can get married in (usually your local Parish Church), these can create a very grand wedding feel for you and your guests as the architecture is so beautiful and quaint. Most of these Churches also have an organist, choir and church bells.

Civil Ceremony at licensed venue or Registry Office


These ceremonies are usually conducted by a registrar in either your local registry office or in a licensed venue; there are so many venues licensed now. They are very simple, with relatively little paperwork,  standard vows and personalisation of readings and music (which must be non-religious) . There isn’t a chance of a rehearsal for this before your big day though so you need to be a bit more organised here.

Abroad at a licensed venue

Some couple dream of a beach wedding, where the wedding can be predicted or a quant village outdoor wedding. Getting married abroad is becoming more common and also cheaper for the Bride and Groom as the guest list isnt that large!  There are many different rules and regulations regarding getting married abroad, please visit gov.uk for informaiton on each destination to get married and the requirements.

Just a note on getting married abroad – make sure you fully look at all the details and prices for you and your guests as you don’t want any surprises.  The more you can get/do over in the destination the better as a lot of things can go wrong with travel/suitcases etc…  A good wedding planning living in the destination is VITAL for your wedding – so look into this!



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