W e d d i n g C o l o u r s

There are sooo many choices these days for colour themes for your wedding day.

The main thing to consider is something that will be available for the season that you get married in, if you do choose a flower or color out of season then it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to get certain items and in large quantities, not impossible but more difficult.

Colours are an important factor in your day and ones that can be coordinated from your engagement photos through to your thank you cards after the wedding day!

Here is a small guide on the different colours for you to have a look at!

There are four main types of colour schemes which will help you with your choice of colour

MONOCHROMATIC – stay with one colour which is determined by the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

COMPLEMENTARY – choose colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. If your bridesmaids are wearing yellow the flowers should be violet. I have included a simple Colour wheel for you to have a look at. If the colours of their dresses are a light shade, the complementary should be light.

TRIADIC – a colour triad is made up of three colours that are the same distance apart o the colour wheel for example – green, violet and orange.

ANALOGOUS – colour scheme involves shades which are next to each other with the colour wheel for example green/yellow, green and green/blue

You should also consider the colour of your hair and your complexion before you decide on the colour for you flowers and wedding.

DARK HAIR/SKIN                                                     Choose dark – rich colours

LIGHT HAIR/FAIR SKIN                                         Choose light – fair colours


It seems a really simple thing of just choosing your favourite colour of either the bride or groom but do make sure you think of everything before setting this together!




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