D a t e s A n d S e a s o n s

Wedding Season in the UK is typically between May to October each year and the most popular day to get married at the moment is on a Saturday. Although many couples are choosing a mid week wedding to cut down on some costs


Setting your wedding date may be determined by the availability of your church, registry office and reception venue. It is good to make enquiries before setting the final date. You also need to consider at what time of year you wish to get married. For instance if you are wanting a Summer Saturday Wedding, this needs to be booked at least a year in advance!


Whether it is intimate or grand, traditional or contemporary your wedding style and theme needs to be what you are both happy with. The theme can be around colours, common interests, flowers, place and much more. Either way if the style of your day is based on something you both love, it will make the planning a lot easier and fun!


SPRING                   yellow, lilac, blue, white

Tulip, Anemone, Freesia, Lily , Peony, Daffodil, Amaryllis

SUMMER                yellow, orange, red, pink, gold, hazy purple, green

Lily, Sunflower, chrysanthemum, Rose, Lavender, Magnolia

AUTUMN                yellow, orange, red, gold, brown and cream

Delphinium, Hydrangea, Orchid, Gerbera, Bouvardia

WINTER                  strong dark red, russet, green, orange, gold, silver and white

Carmillia, Snow Drop, Hyacinth, lilacs, Iris, Euphorbia







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